Last night I took a link out of my watch strap.  I’ve lost so much weight that even my wrists are getting skinny!  This week I should finally get into the 17stone bracket.  Pretty damn happy about both of those things 😀

I’ve not been happy though, and that’s messed with my routine, which ultimately must have had some affect on my Slow Carb adherence.

I find that even a short period of neglecting my good habits results in me actively revolting against them.  This blog has been a great habit for me, it helps me keep focused, but just a few days of depression resulted in me ignoring it for 2 weeks.  I was dreading coming back to it, yet the minute I did – with the plan just to write a tiny blog post about my watch being too big – I felt myself slip easily back into the habit of writing.

I wonder what I can do to help prevent this.  “Man up” and “Get on with it” are clearly bullshit answers, even Tim says that willpower is overrated.  I know that if I can push myself back into the habit that I will feel better for it, but still my body and mind rail heavily against it.

Do you experience issues like this?  How do you address them?  Share in the comments!

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