I started the https://slowcarb.club in May 2016 because of my need to talk to like minded people who are experiencing similar issues.  I thought it would be much easier to casually talk in a chat room, than post in places like reddit, or twitter, and it’s been a real blessing.

It’s really helpful to get some encouragement when you’re demotivated

I’ve not done much to promote the room, so although in theory we’ve got 30 members, in practice only a small handful contribute.  I was right though, it’s really helpful to chat about what we’re experiencing, run a food by someone, get opinions about what’s stalling you, or even just get some encouragement when you’re demotivated.

The club is totally informal and free, and we don’t even care whether you’re following slow carb.  Hell, if you don’t even diet but can contribute, you’re welcome here!

Just go to https://slowcarb.club and sign up.

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