Life is really really tough at the moment.  I won’t talk about why, but this is turning into the most difficult year of my life and I’ve had a few shitty years in the past.

When dieting, it’s so easy for life to get in the way.  Whether it’s a birthday, an office party, depression, stress, trips away, there’s always something lurking ready to sabotage your progress.

Last night I deserved a beer or two.  I really really deserved a beer.  Trust me, I earned those fucking beers.

My plan was a couple of beers, maybe 3 tops.  I knew though, that if I started the evening off with a beer, my Beer Demon would result in DRINK ALL OF THE BEER, OMG NO MORE BEER, GET MORE BEER, DO YOU THINK THAT HOMEBREW IN THE GARAGE FROM 2003 IS DRINKABLE?  So I stuck to my normal routine of wine with dinner, and then had some beers once I was settled in front of the TV.

You’ll be amazed to discover that the Beer Demon still visited, infact the bastard forced me to stay up way past my bedtime and decimate my supply of cold beer.  It was good though, I enjoyed those beers in a sort of “oops, there goes another one” kind of way.  Of course, my head didn’t thank me today!

Deep breath now…. I regret the beers.  There, I said it!  It was a slip that I shouldn’t have made, and whilst I enjoyed them, they weren’t worth it.  I’m mad that life got in the way and convinced me to sabotage progress that I’ve made.

I need to remind myself, I don’t deserve anything, I choose things, and last night I chose to be bad.

What do you do when life throws shit at you?  How do you keep it from interferring with your diet?  Tell me in the comments.


One thought on “Life! Don’t talk to me about Life!

  1. I’ve been following the SCD rigorously for 6 weeks, and Today was one of THOSE days. Work was unbearable, had a super late and small lunch, after work I had a meeting that ended up in big disappointment. On my way home I stopped on a food truck that serve grilled meat , i was planning on a pork loin and a side of grilled veggies, I was not in the mood to get home and cook dinner, but I ended up having spicy sausages (2) and a serving of French fries and 7up…. I feel disgusted with myself now… Intermittent fasting here I come.


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