In the 4 Hour Body, Tim Ferriss is very clear that you should only weigh yourself on the morning of your cheatday.  His logic, “that way madness lies” is an entirely reasonable generalisation.

I’m a bit of a rebel though, I weigh myself every day.  I’ve only skipped 7 days since I started slow carb back in March, I’m so anal about it, I’ve taken my scales to hotels, and even camping.

What can’t be measured, can’t be understood, so I measure obsessively.  I found that it was particularly helpful in the early weeks, especially when combined with the Epic Weight Loss Spreadsheet.  I weigh myself before my shower in the morning, and then update the spreadsheet at some point during the day.  This routine keeps my diet in my mind throughout the day and keeps me focused.

I’m fortunate that my weight loss pattern during the week is very very predictable.  Obviously I put on weight post #faturday, but I also put on weight on Monday as well.  Tuesday and Wednesday I lose and by either Thursday or Friday I’m back to pre-cheatday weight.  Friday and Saturday tend to be the days when I drop weight for the week.

Of course, Tim’s right.  For many people weighing yourself every day and seeing the peaks and troughs would be a real mind fuck.  I won’t lie, seeing a peak on a Friday when I’m on course for a really great week can be soul destroying, but I’m able to rationalise that as “eh, life, fuckit” and move past it.  So for me, the benefits of daily weight tracking far outweigh the infrequent downsides.

6 thoughts on “Weigh yourself every day

      1. Oh yes, absolutely, but I find that the measurements can only really be treated as a trend. It’s too easy to be slightly off with the tape measure. I’ve found the size of my trousers/pants, and shirts starting to look like tents a far better indicator


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