…are just a couple of the things we’ve been talking about in the slowcarb.club this week.  I’ve been meaning to sit down and spend some time searching out slow carb compatible marinade recipes as I’m getting a little bored of samey meat.  Plus, I LOVE to BBQ, and if there’s no marinade involved, it just feels a bit shitty :(.

Melissa (@mzsa)  suggested…

“soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and liquid smoke with a tiny bit of sherry as a marinade for roast beef”

I’ll definitely be trying that, although I need to find out what on earth ‘liquid smoke’ is first.  I imagine it’s pretty well known in the states “home of the BBQ”, but I’ve certainly not heard of it in the UK.

We also discussed Carb Crash on cheat days.  It’s something I’d noticed personally but not really thought to look closely at.  I’ve found that on a Sunday (I conform to #faturday’s) I can find myself feeling really quite unwell.   On Sunday’s I often eat very little until the evening, and exert myself more than normal, so I’ve been attributing that to “keto flu”, although I have no idea whether that’s accurate.

If you think chatting to some like minded people can help keep you on track, why not check us out on https://slowcarb.club, it’s just a free chat room based on the Slack platform, you can even get an app for your phone.

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