I noticed quite early into the Slow Carb Diet, that although I probably wasn’t any less hungry than normal, it seemed trivially easy to just ignore the hunger pangs.

Strange observation I know, but it really is a marked difference, and 5 months later, it’s still true.  It presents a few questions…

How can you be hungry and not hungry at the same time?

It’s difficult to explain this, but I’ll do my best.  Before meals (say just before lunch, or when I get home from work) I’m hungry as normal.  However, it’s something I can ignore, rather than that clawing “OMG I MUST EAT” feeling that I’m so used to.

What’s the remaining hunger?

Is it literally, an empty stomach, craving, or habit?  I have no idea unfortunately 😦

What’s causing ‘not hungry hunger’?

My Slow Carb is a lot closer to No Carb if truth be told, so I can’t attribute it to slow carbs which Tim claims help you feel fuller for longer.  Which can only leave some combination of fat and protein.  I’m placing my bets on the increased protein nulling the hunger cravings/pans.

Have you experienced similar?  I’d love to hear how Slow Carb has affected your hunger levels, post in the comments below.

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