You’ll be shocked and amazed to hear that I love Pizza and Beer.  I’m a (literally) big fat cliche.

Getting started on Slow Carb was really straight forward for me, sure, I wanted a beer in the evenings, but I’d tackled the weekday drinking habit over the previous few months, so being allowed a couple of glasses of red a night actually made things easier.

Food wasn’t an issue either, and certainly in the evenings I still have no issues stick with slow carb.  In fact, since March, I’ve only “slipped” once, with a big sausage butty (roll) one morning.

The killer for me though, is when I get home from work and it’s a glorious summer evening and all I want to do is sit in the garden with a (case of) Corona.  That’s really tough.  Initially I thought I could use Gin and Tonic to cave to the craving whilst maintaining some level of Slow Carb, but that’s a gateway to an evening of indulging and my losses suffer as a result.

None of this is a surprise to me, but what I wasn’t prepared for, is that none of this seems to get any easier.  In fact, in some respects, it’s actually more challenging.  When I started out, I looked at these cravings from the perspective of “at least in a few months, this will be easier or a non-issue” , but that just hasn’t happened, and after 5 months I’ve got to accept that it won’t happen.

I’m not sure if accepting that cravings are just a normal part of life helps, but it certainly gives me a different perspective when I look back over the early months of Slow Carb.

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