Contrary to conventional wisdom, I weigh myself daily.  Tim Ferriss says to stick to a weekly “morning of cheat day” schedule, on the basis that daily weight fluctuates and that road leads to madness.  I get that, but I’m a special snowflake, and I’m sure Tim would say “whatever works for you dude”.

I’ve found that weighing myself daily helps keep me focused and motivated.  If I were to heed the “weekly weigh in wisdom”, I would still weight myself daily, but I wouldn’t look at the display, so that I’ve at least got the data, but that it’s not fucking with my mind.

Fortunately, with a few exceptions, I’ve not found it to be a detriment to my mental state.  Sure, I get frustrated when it’s not until Wednesday or Thursday that I’m back to pre-cheat weight, but in those cases, I also know that there’s a whole list of weeks where that’s happened, and I’ve then gone on to utterly crush Friday & Saturday weigh in’s.

Today I put on 1.7lbs (and it’s Friday!).  That’s soul destroying.  I was bad on Wednesday, drinking an extra glass of red wine, and um… “many” Gin and Tonic’s.  The resulting Thursday weigh in was a loss, but apparently the subsequent (presumably) water weight was holding off a day and has hit back with a vengeance.  Entirely fair, just annoying.

I even feel fatter today, so hopefully that’s a sign that this is just water retention, and even if it doesn’t right itself by tomorrow (cheat day), it’ll come off next week and I’ll have a big loss.

I’m down, but not out.


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